About Kirsten Collins

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I took my first yoga class in college, and remember staring up at the ceiling in final relaxation pose (savasana) and feeling, for the first time, that calculus might not actually kill me. Something shifted deep inside – a foreign feeling of ease and contentment; I haven’t experienced my busy life in quite the same way ever since.

In 2005, I took OM Yoga Center’s teacher training where I learned about yoga postures and Buddhism and laughed my ass off because, as I learned, the Buddhists are very grounded and quite funny.

I taught vinyasa yoga for years; I hadn't made any plans or set any goals for my practice when one afternoon the world-famous yogi, Ana Forrest, came to our studio.  Many people find Ana intense; I find her to be a loving, maternal force who challenges the s@#! out of me. I have been training and teaching under her ever since.

Alongside yoga, I have had a bunch of corporate jobs: general procurement co-op, MBA research assistant, quality analyst, supply chain manager. In 2011, I got a degree in clinical social work at Columbia University, which landed me in my dream job as a clinical social worker in the field of eating disorders at The Beacon Program in NYC.

Today, I also co-direct Forrest Yoga New York with three very awesome teachers to bring regular Forrest Yoga workshops to NYC. 

Come visit me at a yoga class or workshop or contact me with your thoughts/comments/questions/poems/life stories – I’d love to hear all.